These Are Not the UDIDs You Are Looking For…

It is now known that the recent release of the Apple UDIDs was not a result of a hack of the FBI but rather from a compromise of the publishing company BlueToad. In an article posted on the NBC News Red Tape Page, the author Kerry Sanders, discusses the details with the companies CEO, Paul DeHart. According to BlueToad:

Paul DeHart, CEO of the Blue Toad publishing company, told NBC News that technicians at his firm downloaded the data released by Anonymous and compared it to the company’s own database. The analysis found a 98 percent correlation between the two datasets.

“That’s 100 percent confidence level, it’s our data,” DeHart said. “As soon as we found out we were involved and victimized, we approached the appropriate law enforcement officials, and we began to take steps to come forward, clear the record and take responsibility for this.”


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