OPSEC – Even Hackers Realize the Need…

This morning (depending on your time zone) Mikko Hypponen, the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure, shared a link to a presentation that @thegrugq gave at Ekoparty 2012. The presentation, although focused on the hacker community, speaks to the need to have and maintain operational security (OPSEC).

While the fact that most businesses and individuals need to practice better OPSEC, it is interesting that hackers are beginning to see the need to embrace the same practices that are (should be) practiced against them. What is even more interesting is the realization by some or more in the community that law enforcement officials (LEO) have superseded hackers in being at the top of the cyber hierarchy. How well this impacts the recent deluge of hackers being taken into custody is yet to be seen, but continues to show that hackers are willing to change tactics and learn which also means that those within the security profession and business also needs to be willing to adapt.

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