October is Cyber Security Awareness Month…

It is Columbus Day, October 12th, and it is also Cyber Security Awareness Month. While Columbus Day is targeted at the general public in America, meant to remind people of the man who was initially considered to find the “New World.” Likewise, Cyber Security Awareness Month is generally directed at the general user and consumers to remind them about security.

Are you really learning or aware about the “New World” and changing world of cyber security? While Columbus is now known to not have been the real finder of the new world (evidence shows it was the Vikings or even the ancient Egyptians) and brought a great amount of disease to the region, you and your company can be the first to help make your staff, family, and friends aware about the need to be more steadfast on security. You can help prevent the damage and affects around bad security practices or the effects of stolen identities and breached accesses. While some people may have heard it before and follow decent security practices, we all need to be reminded and some people may not have heard something before.

SANS has been providing a good deal of “Awareness” material for those that are technical and nubes alike. The one thing to remember is that like muscle, even security practices and information needs to be exercised and re-enforced to keep up the strength and awareness. It is the same reason periodic training by specialists, whether a doctor, soldier or other professional – training and education is still important to keep up the skills that protect and help…

The main Cyber Security Awareness Website – http://www.staysafeonline.org

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