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40 Zettabytes with Meta Tags Please….

In an article by Computerworld, analysts are predicting that in the next 8 years digital data will exceed 40 zettabytes (1,099,511,627,776 gigabytes (GB) in a zettabyte) or about 5,200 GB per person on earth.  Emerging countries/markets will likely become the dominant data generators rising from 36% to 62%.   However, the research suggests that this data will mainly be produced by computers not humans.

More data, more storage, faster hardware, larger/faster networks, tighter security, “real” service-oriented architectures, “bring your own device” solutions, converged infrastructures and overall efficiencies needed for customers.  Meta tags will be the critical element in farming and correlating this data.  And, by 2020, while cloud spending is projected to rise from 5-40%, the cost of storage will likely plummet.     Interesting times ahead….

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