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ApplyLogic Recruiting Awarded National Contract

The ApplyLogic Recruiting Team has been awarded a national IT recruitment contract with a  Fortune 500 company.  “This is a great milestone and kudos to our recruiting team. We are excited about the opportunity and anxious to start,” said Jeff Ramella, President.

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Certified as a Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

mwaaApplyLogic has been certified as a Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (LDBE) with the Metropolitan   Washington Airports Authority (MWAA).  We are excited, as this certification will allow ApplyLogic to service and support MWAA more quickly and directly.

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Storage: Traditional Hardware Refresh Cycles

Attempting to keep pace with never-ending demands for storage space in the enterprise is a daunting task. While the DAS and NAS technologies of yesterday have been largely replaced by SANs hosting virtualized infrastructure, one constant remains: the use of the traditional hardware refresh cycle as a means to address organizational storage needs.

Any IT professional responsible for storage planning will be familiar with this exercise. With each hardware refresh cycle, IT planners ask themselves…

  • What is our current storage footprint?
  • What is our expected rate of change over the life of the storage platform under consideration?
  • How well-suited is the storage platform for expansion over its planned life?

Until recently this approach may have sufficed. Enter big-data.

Big-data is acting as the disruptor to hardware refresh cycles, and more specifically in the arena of data storage.

In response, IT professionals and organizations alike need a more dynamically responsive approach to storage provisioning.

Some organizations have turned to cloud storage architecture as a means to address this challenge head on. With its elastic nature and scale-out capability – public, private, and/or hybrid cloud storage solutions are likely to be the cornerstone of organizational IT infrastructure.

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Cisco Call Manager Vulnerability…

A recent article in The Hacker News (THN) discusses a brute force vulnerability in the Cisco Call Manager, also known as the Unified Communications Manager, identified by Roberto Suggi Liverani. He is the founder of the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) New Zealand chapter. In his blog he details the vulnerability and gives proof of concept examples. He states:

“During a security review, I have found a quick way to perform PIN brute force attack against accounts registered with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager).”

For those not familiar with all Manager, this gives some interesting insight into how the Cisco VoIP system works between the manager and the phone…

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